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Loyalty Rewards

Giggle Bingo rewards you with Loyalty Points based on your wagering. Convert your Loyalty Points into bonus credits. Now that’s something to Giggle about!

Qualify Points:0 - 999
Tier Bonus: 0
Qualify Points: 1,000 - 9,999
Tier Bonus: 0.1%
Qualify Points: 10,000 - 19,999
Tier Bonus: 0.5%
Qualify Points: 20,000 - 39,999
Tier Bonus: 10%
Qualify Points: 40,000 - 59,999
Tier Bonus: 15%
Qualify Points: 60,000
Tier Bonus: 20%

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn Loyalty Points
Every cash wager you place earns you Loyalty Points. The more you play, the more points you get. Loyalty points are used to set your loyalty level, and you can redeem your Loyalty Points for bonus credits and use them to enter promotions. Wagers made with bonus money do not earn loyalty points.
Where can I see my Loyalty Points?
When you log in to Bingo, your loyalty points balance is displayed in the bottom left corner of the casino homepage.To check your loyalty details, click the Enter Loyalty program icon on the top right corner of the Bingo lobby.
What is the difference between Tier Loyalty Points & Bonus Loyalty Points?
Your Loyalty Points balance is made up of tier and bonus Loyalty Points. When you play at Giggle Bingo you earn tier Loyalty Points. Extra Loyalty Points earned from Specials and Tier Bonuses are bonus Loyalty Points. Only Tier Loyalty Points contribute to moving you up to the next Loyalty tier. Tier and Bonus Loyalty Points have the same value for redemption purposes.
What can I do with my Loyalty Points?
You can exchange them for bonus credits.
How do I know when my Loyalty Points will be expiring?
If you have Loyalty Points that will expire within the next 90 days, a warning similar to the one shown here, is displayed just below your Loyalty Points Balance on the Redeem Points page.
1,000 points expiring soon.
What is a Tier Accumulation Period?
The Tier Accumulation Period is a defined period of time that you have, to earn enough tier Loyalty Points to reach higher Loyalty Tiers. At the end of the Accumulation Period the number of Tier Loyalty Points you have earned during that period will determine if you stay on your current tier or are moved to a lower tier. You will automatically move up a tier as soon as you earn enough Loyalty Points to qualify for an upgrade
When I redeem my points do my Tier Points earned this Accumulation Period decrease?
Your tier Loyalty Points earned this period is a running total, as you earn tier Loyalty Points they get added to the running total. When you redeem your Loyalty Points your Loyalty Points balance is decreased, but the running total stays the same. The running total is reset at the start of the next Accumulation Period.
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