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Chat Phrases

If you’re not a Bingo fundi, here’s an easy guide to the Lingo, which really means the phrases and abbreviations that you can expect to find in the Bingo chat window:

Lingo & Meanings

1tg one to go
2tg two to go
3tg three to go
afk away from keyboard
bbiab be back in a bit
bol best of luck
brb be right back
cbs come back soon
cons consolation
cu see you
gl good luck
gl2u2 good luck to you too
gla good luck all
glang good luck all next game
gm good morning
good4u good for you
gs great stuff
hf have fun
hiev1 hi everyone
syl see you later
sys see you soon
ty thank you
tyvc thank you for consolation
tyvm thank you very much
wb welcome back
wd well done
wtg way to go
xgl extra good luck
xgl4ng extra good luck for next game
yvw you're very welcome
yw you're welcome

Bingo Phrases

Bingo is one of those games that has developed its own language and set of commonly used terms that make you wonder just what on earth is going on! Giggle Bingo has decided to lift the veil of mystery that surrounds all things Bingo, so you can relax and enjoy online Bingo chat knowing exactly what people are talking about.

Bingo Terms Made Simple

Bingo Room:

This is where it all happens. We have five online rooms at Giggle Bingo, four 90-Ball (Snickers, Grapevine, Easy Wins and Immortal Romance) and one 75-Ball, Ice Breaker.


Where you need all 24 balls on your 75-Ball Bingo ticket called to win Bingo.

Buy In:

This is the term for what is needed in order to buy into a game. Each game will have a ticket price, and a minimum number of cards/tickets per game.


This is the name given to the automated voice that calls the balls (see what we did there?) during your Bingo games.


Chat Game - These are the games that are played in chat where you can win free bonus money so that you can play more Bingo.


Chat Host – These are the loveable loons that are there to entertain and help you in the Chat Rooms. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask your CH who will make sure your matter is dealt with swiftly.


Chat Host Manager - this is the poor lass that tries to keep control of that loveable bunch of loons.

Chat Room:

This is that box to the left of the Bingo grid and tickets where all the typing happens. It houses the CH’s and Roomies.


The dauber is the pen that your bingo tickets or cards are marked off with. At Giggle Bingo, your cards come with auto dab, making it easier for you to enjoy chat while you play. You can preview and choose the colour and look of your dauber in the Options screen.


Full House - In 90-Ball Bingo there are three wins to every game: 1st line win, 2nd line win and Full House. In standard 90-Ball Bingo games the FH is a much bigger pot than the other two prizes.

Free Space:

In 75-Ball Bingo you play with a card/ticket that’s a 5x5 grid, 25 squares in total. The middle square is known as a free space, as it's already marked off for you, so the most you ever have to get would be 24 squares.

Glossary Continued:


This is the great big prize that you can win on many Bingo games. To win a jackpot, you must either Bingo (75-Ball) or FH Bingo (90-Ball) within the required number of balls.


In the chat room there is a section called Leaders. These are the people in the Bingo game that are the closest to winning. The number of balls still required will be displayed next to their names.


The Lobby is where you will find all five of the Giggle Bingo rooms. You will be able to view what games are being played in that particular room and select the one which you would want to visit.


In 75-Ball Bingo, one of the styles of game is known as “Pattern”. With this style you will see that some squares are shaded and they form a pattern of some sort. You win a pattern Bingo game by getting all the shaded squares called and completing the pattern.


This is the prize for any 75-Ball Bingo or any line prize in 90-Ball Bingo. It can also be a physical gift.


Progressive Jackpot is a jackpot that continues to grow with each game that it’s not won. Giggle Bingo is exceptionally generous with their PJP’s, as every few days they increase the ball to jackpot ratio, making it easier for you to win.


The players in the chat room.

Split Pot:

This means that more than one player has won the same pot. The pot will be split evenly amongst the winners.


These are what you purchase to play Bingo.

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Our Bingo Rooms have been designed for your enjoyment and are a fun, safe place to pop in and visit, so we have some easy rules to follow. Remember how you were always told not to accept candy from a stranger? It’s similar, but in this case if you stick to the rules, the strangers will soon become your friends. So our number 1 rule is to always have fun!

Chat Behaviour

  • Stay Positive! Don't be gloomy or you won't be able to play, roomie.
  • “Always congratulate and never moan!” This is our motto and it's set in stone.
  • Harassment of other players is a no-no, if you do that we will wake you up to go-go.
  • Some roomies are shy and may not want to chat; if they don't respond to you, well, that's that.
  • No racial, ethnic or sexual slurs will be tolerated. This is serious and it must be stated.
  • Naughty is nice every now and then, but if there's any inappropriate language, you will be removed. Amen.

If you have acted inappropriately in chat, our CH will either:

  1. remove your chat privileges instantly and explain in private chat what has happened (naughty naughty), or
  2. warn you once in main chat and remove your chat privileges on the second occasion, should this happen again. (we don't want that, do we?)
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Chat Games

Chat games are called that for a reason and are for players who are chatting. If you are sitting silent in the chat room, don’t be surprised if you are not allowed to claim a chat game. Oh, and TY, WD, GL is not considered chatting – how else would you make friends if you don’t have a conversation?

Other Stuff

Please only use CAPITALS for emphasis (this is the only place where it's not rude, so make the most of it).

Please do not spam chat noises or chat pictures (nobody likes that anyway).

The decision of the CH’s in any circumstance is final. (FINAL)

Do not endorse, solicit or promote any other sites in chat, including the posting of any web links.

Do not post ANY personal details including phone numbers and email addresses in chat. (that's just rude)

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